Sunday, July 12, 2009

the one about a note to the tooth fairy

Quayd finally lost another tooth yesterday. It was one of his top front teeth. Until yesterday, he had only lost the three three that the dentist pulled in February. This tooth has been really loose for a while now, but he was nervous about having me pull it. Yesterday afternoon, he finally let me have a good pull on it and it came right out. He was freaking out about it though and didn't even realize it was gone until I got him to calm down and I showed him it was in my hand. Of course, then it bled a little bit and he really freaked out about that! But it stopped soon enough and all was well. Then he was so excited about it and couldn't wait to tell everyone. He seriously looks so cute with the missing tooth. When I was trying to get up close and take a good picture I noticed that the permanent tooth is already surfacing, so he won't have a gap for long. He is such a handsome little boy and I can't believe he is growing up so fast. He will be 7 next month!

Last night as Quayd was getting ready to go to bed and put his tooth under his pillow, he got really upset that the tooth fairy was going to take his tooth. He wanted to keep that one because he said it was one of his best apple eating teeth. He decided to write a note for the tooth fairy. This is what it said: Dear Tooth Fairy. Heres a note. I would like to keep my tooth. Love Quayd Lane. He put the note in a bag with his tooth. This morning when he woke up, there was a note from the tooth fairy that said: Dear Quayd, I am so glad you lost another tooth. Your teeth are so nice! You must brush them a lot. I really like your note. I don't mind if kids want to keep their teeth. All you have to do is ask! I had a little bit of extra time tonight so I went back to my house and got the three teeth you lost before. I thought you might like to have them too. Keep being such a good boy! I have a feeling I will be seeing more of your teeth in the future. Brush, Brush, Brush and Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle! Love, the tooth fairy There was also some magic tooth fairy dust in the note along with 2 dollars. Quayd noticed later that there was some more sparkly dust around his bed and by the window. He thinks she must have flown in through the window. Pretty cool!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the one about a weird zit type thing

I haven't had anything nasty to blog about in awhile so when Spencer asked me to pick at a weird thing by his eye, I knew I couldn't leave my blogger friends out! Trust me, it was like my best day ever to get to pick at his face. He had a nasty one on his chin for awhile that I begged him to let me pick, but apparently his sister Whitney had already worked on it, so he was feeling like it was time to let it heal. I do apologize, by the way, that my pictures aren't more clear. Spence was pretty squirmy and nervous as it was, so when I put the camera in his face he was less than cooperative. Quayd also helped me out in the photo department. I am still not sure exactly what I was picking at. It was like a sty / zit / solid piece of white matter that should probably be sent to a special lab to be identified. It was on his eyelid and it such a hard place to reach. I actually had a very difficult time getting to it because of the location. Spencer even tried to crank on it a little bit but he couldn't get his fingers on it very well. I tried with my super zit tool, then pointy tweezers and finally had to get my super sharp cuticle trimmers. Spencer was pretty freaked out by my assortment of tools, so he put in his ear buds, cranked the Ipod and went to his own little happy place. I am so glad I have him around to torment. He is so much fun and such a good sport. Speaking of Spencer.... just an update. He is doing well at our house. We truly love having him around. He is so helpful and sweet and he makes us laugh every minute of every day. I am so glad he is living with us. I love taking care of him and I am thrilled that he likes hanging out with us. Quayd ADORES him, and even though Quayd probably drives him crazy, Spence is so great with him. Spencer and I have had a few important things to take care of this week and he has totally stepped it up, helped me out and we got everything taken care of. I appreciate him so much. I wish he could see how great he really is.

Anyway, all is well at our house! Because of the location and level of pain involved, I am sure I didn't get all of the goo from the weird eye zit, so if I get any thing else out, I will take pictures and keep you posted!!!