Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the one about a tiny spring cleaning project

The other day I was looking for some pictures. All of my scrapbook stuff, and pictures are shoved around my computer area. It is all in my bedroom and the whole thing was just a mess. I started looking around and freaked out. I totally tore it all apart and re-organized it. Not without first taking pictures though, thanks to Kandice and her spring cleaning challenge! My cleaning is NOTHING like Kandice's, but it was a start and it sure made me feel better. It still isn't perfect but it looks a lot better. I am so embarassed to show how bad it was... but here it is anyway.

And the after pix.

the one about Bob

Everybody knows what suckers we are when it comes to cats.

Well, here is the newest member of out family. Bob. Let me just tell you about him.

Cons: He is filthy. He stinks like pee. When he comes inside, he makes my whole house smell like pee. He is kind of mean (but getting better). He has a totally deformed, short tale (hence, the name Bob). He has 7 toes of each of his front feet. He is a pig. He has the most awful loud yowl. And he isn't very cute.

Pros: He stays outside 98% of the time. Sometimes we don't see him for days. He has a few extras.... such as toes and possibly chromosomes (I am digging deep for pros!). My other cats don't hate him. He doesn't pee on my floor or my bed.

So right in the middle of winter, Bob starting hanging around my back porch. I noticed him outside for a few days in a row and I was worried about him so I fed him. Then he just kept coming back for more. Imagine that. I tired to pet him a couple of times and he tried to bite me. Then we wouldn't see him for a few days. He kept coming around and my cats starting playing with him outside. Then we wouldn't see him for a few days. We tried petting him more and he started being nicer. Then we wouldn't see him for a few days. One night, Brett decided to let him in. Then we wouldn't see him for a few days. This has been going on for a few months now. Each time he comes in, he gets more and more comfortable and less and less nervous. We think he had to have been someones pet because he is quite friendly now that he is used to us and he seemed well fed. We have no idea where he came from or where he belongs, but as of last night, he thinks he belongs right here. We finally had to carry him outside last night because he wouldn't leave. He stunk so bad we couldn't stand him being inside anymore, and he is still a little unpredictable. Anyway, he is funny, and we kind of like him. Look at how weird his feet are. When he walks, it seriously looks like he is wearing mittens. It is like he has big thumbs. It is so funny!
And this picture cracks me up because this is Skeet's favorite place in the whole house and he is MAD that Bob is laying there. Well that is the latest report from the crazy cat lady!!!

the one about some of my crazy friends

So, some friends of mine and I had a party this weekend and we had so much fun!!! We had great food, tons of laughs and so much fun. I can't show all of the pictures.... so here are the "clean" ones! :D

Me and Cara

Jennifer, Me, Anna and Angelique

Me and Tara

Tara and Cara

Jenn, Anna and Angelique

Anna is HATING that I am taking pictures right now!!!! I work with Jenn & Angelique and Anna is Angelique's girlfriend. They are crazy and we just have so much fun!!! I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!! All of 'em! Thanks for hanging with me! :D

the one about a surprise visit from Brynn and some other B's

Monday night, Brett and I took Quayd to the rec center to swim. He had been begging all weekend so we finally gave in. I actually don't know why we don't go more often. We have a family pass and we always enjoy it when we go, we are just lazy I guess. And actually, I don't just LOVE swimming there. I would rather walk or something. ANYTHING rather than swim. But Quayd really wanted both of us to swim with him and I couldn't say no. I get the heebie jeebies in the pool with all of the nasty dirty people. I know, that is so rude, but it seriously freaks me out. I can't stand the thought of dirty little kids feet touching me. The only dirty little feet I like are Quayd's. And even his stress me out a bit. Next time he wants me to swim, I will have to break his heart and say no because I only lasted about 15 minutes and I was miserable the whole time. He will have to swim while I work out or something.

ANYWAY.... (sorry about the rant there...) When we got home, I wanted to take a nice long bath. I lit a candle, poured some epsom salts and got all relaxed. Then the phone rang. Brett answered it and it was Brynn. She was driving around with her boys and Beau'D wanted to play with Quayd. She called to tell us they were coming over. I went ahead and finished my bath then went to the front room. I got to hold Brycen while Quayd and Beau'D played. Brett, Brynn and I watched Dancing with the Stars. Brycen was so cute and sweet. He even fell asleep in my arms. Ahhhhhhhhh, gotta love that. When they were getting ready to leave, Brynn took him from me and put him in his car seat. He is so cute and he totally sucks his little thumb. Beau'D was totally loving Quayd's room. He climbed up on Quayd's bed and didn't want to get down. He said he was spending the night, until his mom said she was leaving. Then he was ready to come down!
It was such a nice surprise to have then stop by. We had so much fun watching Dancing with the Stars we decided we might have to make it a weekly event! Brynn is so sweet and I am so glad she is my sister-in-law. And she has the cutest little boys!!!

Isn't it weird that Brett and I both have a Brother named Brandon, they both have 2 sons and no daughters, and they both did the "B" thing with their boys' names? Plus Cory has a son with a "B" name. So we have 2 Brandons and 5 nephews; Brayden, Brennen, Beau'D, Branson and Brycen. Plus Brett, Brynn, my maiden name is Brooks, Grandparents name is Burton, and I have a cousin Brooke. Phewwwwwwww..... It can get confusing!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the one about the trampoline spring

OK. I love gross things. But this was pretty bad. Don't worry, there are no pictures of the actual event so all of the nastiness will be left to your imagination. I did take pictures today, but they aren't bad, I promise. I used photo shop to add some graphics to help you better understand.

Yesterday, Quayd's little buddy Shade came over to play. They had a BLAST! Well, right before Shade's mom came to get him, they were playing on the trampoline. Our trampoline has started to rip a little and a few of the springs have come off. I guess they were using them as fishing poles or something and somehow.... here it comes.... the end of the spring got caught in Quayd's bottom eyelid!!!! It was hanging there and everything! I heard a scream from outside and I ran to the door. He was holding his eye and FREAKING out. I was so scared to look at it! I was just sure it was going to be bad. I told him I would get a washcloth and when I moved his hand to put the washcloth over his eye, I could see that there was no major injury. But.... GROSS! Anyway, it was really bothering him last night but everything in his eye looked good. He could still see and everything and it had flushed out really well. He said this morning when he woke up, it was all crusty and stuck together, but he is doing fine today. Brett was gone when it all went down, but Gleneita was here for a visit. She was pretty freaked out because it reminded her of when Brett was about 3, he stabbed himself in the eye with a steak knife! He had to have surgery and everything. It was a pretty big deal. He is actually blind in that eye because of the injury. Anyway, here are the pictures from today.

This is the spring. I have marked the end that got caught in his eyelid.

The arrow in this picture shows where the spring was hooked. The circle shows the black eye that is starting to form. Here he is today.... CRAZY STORY, Right?

the one about st. patty's day

Tara and I always look for some reason to dress up and be silly at work. Of course, St. Patrick's Day was no different. We went to Wal-Mart and got these crazy shirts. Then we were trying to decide what else to do. Tara found our green socks, and I made buckles for our shoes. We also got this pot from Wal-Mart and filled it with gold wrapped candy for our guests. We got almond Kisses, Werthers Originals, Hershey Nuggets and a few other yummy candies. It was a huge hit! It was so fun being dressed up all day. We have such a blast!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

the one about my double date

Dangit. I wasn't very good about taking pictures of this super fun night, but I did get a few.

Yesterday, I found out that the new Walgreens opened up in our town. I was excited to go see what it was all about and I knew the perfect person to share it with.... KANDICE! I called her to see if she was up for a girls night out. We decided to take Quayd and Gavin on a double date to dinner, a movie and Walgreens. We had Arby's for dinner. The boys wanted to see "Race to Witch Mountain." It was pretty cool. I actually enjoyed it, and I know the boys loved it. Not sure about Kandice!

Then it was time for the main event..... I have to say... I LOVE THIS STORE!!! It is wonderful. I am so glad one came to our town. We let the boys chose a prize and a treat. They had such a fun time! I am so glad I have such a sweetheart that will go on dates with me anytime I want him too!! He is the BEST DATE EVER!!! And I am also so glad I have such a great friend that will drop everything to hang with me! GJ had been out of town all week, and she still came with me to check out the new store. She is the BEST Girls Night Out partner... EVER!!!! Love you K!

Monday, March 9, 2009

the one about Mel and Meg

Melanie and Megan have been friends of the Lane's forever. I got to know them when Brett and I started dating, back in 1996 (YIKES!) Shortly after I got to know them, They moved away. Melanie is a year younger than Brett, then their other sister Michelle and Megan is the baby. I love these girls so much, and I really love their mom too! The last time we saw them was when Brett's dad, Mike, passed away, about a year and a half ago. We were so excited that Melanie and her hubby Tony would stay at our house with us. They were so much fun and Quayd LOVED having Tony to play with! Anyway, a few weeks ago, it was Mike's Birthday and Megan and Mel wanted to come out and take flowers to him. I mentioned that they were close with Brett's family, but that doesn't quite cover it. Mike was seriously like their Dad. Mike had a way of making everyone feel special and loved, and I think he came into these girls' lives when they really needed it most. He talked about them like they were his kids. Anyway, when Melanie told me that she and Megan were coming out, I was so excited. Megan was huge prego when they were here last, and Mel was still a newlywed.
Now they both have babies and Meg is pregnant again. Megan's little girl, Molly, is a DOLL! She was such a priss! Total girly girl. Konner is a typical, active little boy. He is so cute and he LOVED Quayd. Quayd was able to get him laughing SO hard, as Molly watched from the across the room. I totally stole these pictures from their blogs, but these are their little families. First: Megan, Aaron and Molly
Second: Melanie, Tony, Konner and Tony's daughter. Aren't they all so cute? Anyway, I was totally able to pull some strings and hook these guys up in a hotel room, then we took them all to dinner and then we went swimming at the hotel.

This was all of us with our little babies. (he he he, mine isn't so little!)

It was so fun to see them all! I am so glad they came out to see us. Before they left on Saturday morning, they stopped by Quayd's soccer game. It was so awesome and it meant the world to all of us that they would come and see him play. We are already planning our summer to go out and see them all. Love you Guys!

Friday, March 6, 2009

the one about Yertle the Turtle

It's Dr. Seuss week at Quayd's school. Today is "dress up like your favorite Dr. Seuss character" day. Quayd and I thought and thought about what to dress him up as... and since he is so slow and pokey in the morning, I thought Yertle the Turtle would be PERFECT! I thought and thought about what to do to make the costume cute... so I decided to make the turtle shell that just goes over his clothes. Yertle's body is white-ish, so we went with grey sweats and a big fluffy turtle shell. I worked on it all evening, and I have to say.... I think it turned out pretty cute!! He was so excited!
Go figure that the day he is being a Turtle, he actually jumped right out of bed and was ready in a flash!

Last year, I made Quayd and Brennen Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes. They were so cute!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

the one about my superstar soccer player

I just have to throw this in real quick..

Quayd is an AWESOME soccer player!!!!! He has scored one goal at every game so far, but on Saturday he scored 4 goals!!!!!!!

I love this picture! Its sorta blurry, but you can see how Quayd just kicked the ball and the goalie is trying to stop it. It went right in the goal! It was awesome! I am so proud of Quayd. He is working so hard, he practices every day and he is quite the little player.

He had some fans at this game. We had company in town, Melanie & Konner and Megan and Molly (I will blog all about that later) and they were able to come to the first part of the game.
They got to see Quayd score once. Also, Ga and Pop came. (Ga is looking lots better!!!)

This picture cracks me up because you can see the little bit of attitude on Quayd's face. He thinks he is pretty cool!