Monday, October 26, 2009

the one about a surprise Halloween party

My sister in law Danette and I had a surprise Halloween party for our kids last night. We both felt like this month has flown by so quickly and all of a sudden it is HALLOWEEN! We worked on it all day, and kept it a secret!! Here they are; pre surprise. They were very unsure of what was happening! They thought something was going to scare them!

Here are some of our fun foods. Everything tasted GREAT, by the way!!

(I posted Recipes on another blog that I am a member of. It has different recipes and fun ideas for families. It's super cute!!! My friend Lindsay put it together and asked me to be an author. Anyway, go check it out and you will find my recipes, and more, there. Click Here)

Spaghetti and "Oozing" Eyeballs

These meatballs were SO yummy! Our only difference was our noodles

The dogs even liked it!!! Gross.

Witch fingers.

This was the hit of the night, BRAIN!!! My mom made it, and it looked so REAL!!!! It was shrimp cocktail, and SO YUMMY! (For the recipe, click HERE. )

We also had this cute skeleton veggie tray and BRAIN dip. The first picture was from the internet, and the second picture is the one my grandma made for the party. She did awesome! She also added some things that she knew the kids would be more likely to eat.

Witch's Brew
I made a cheesecake and this Chocolate cream pie for dessert. We also let the kids decorate sugar cookies.

We finished off the night with pumpkin carving.

We knew this was going to be a super crazy week, so we decided to surprise the kids with this fun Halloween party. We didn't tell the kids anything all day and they were going crazy! They loved the surprise and I think it made them feel special that we did all of this for them. We invited the Grandparents to participate too, and everyone had a GREAT time!


Friday, October 23, 2009

the one about the Country Bear

I have been working on a new blog for The Country Bear. CLICK HERE to check it out, then tell me what you think! signature

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the one about Brett's latest mishap

Poor Brett. Poor poor Brett.

He had a mishap involving his hair the other night, and it is just too good not to share.

His hair grows SO fast! And he hates to have any length. If you know him, you know he likes to have a buzz, and that's it. About a year after we were married, I realized how expensive this was getting, so we invested in some clippers. I had my mom show me how to do it so it looked nice, and I have done it ever since. A lot of times, Brett gets the clippers and does most of it himself, then I go over it, trim his neck and around his ears. I have since started cutting Quayd's hair too. His grows equally fast, but his takes a little more effort. I like his longer on top so I can spike it. I am not the best, but I get better all the time with his. Well, the other night, they both needed haircuts. Brett started his own while I got Quayd ready. Brett had gone over his pretty well, but realized that he had missed a little on top. I was standing right outside of the bathroom door talking to him and he took the clippers to himself. About a mili-second before the clippers made contact, the guard fell off! He took off a huge chuck of hair, right to the scalp! We both just sat there staring at each other with our mouths hanging open. My next thought was to grab the camera! (I am always looking out for you, my faithful readers!) this is the guard in the sink, just after it fell

Of course, it was bad enough that he had to go all over his head with out the guard, leaving him pretty bald. He looks fine, its not a huge difference, but he has sure been cold these last few days! It has actually grown back a little already and he looks handsome as ever. Poor guy. He has the worst luck. He has also been upset lately about his hair because he is getting lots of gray! He is a year and a half younger than me, and has tons of gray. I ask my hairdresser every time she does my hair to look for gray, and none yet!

Poor Brett. :(


the one about some of our friends

We have been hanging with our friends Marlie and Brigham lately. We have known Marlie forever and Brigham for quite awhile, but we got to be good friends with them this summer playing co-ed softball. They are so much fun! They have 2 kids, Zoey and Slade. Quayd and Zoey have quite the friendship! She is almost 3 and a total spit fire! Quayd, 7 is so mellow and calm. They play so cute together. Sometimes though, Zoey gets a little rough for Quayd, but he tolerates it well! Quayd just adores Zoey and she loves him too. We have such a great time with this cute little family.

We had them over one night to play Rock Band. Zoey, Quayd and my nephew Brennen played all night. They got into Quayd's dress up stuff and look how cute they are!!!
Cute little Zoey. She doesn't like to have Quayd out of her sight.
They are so DIRTY! They ate Popsicles, hot dogs, candy, fruit roll-ups and pretzels.
Here are a few pictures of the rock stars.

We had such a great night. After they left, I noticed a "message" on my message board.
So Cute!! Love that cute little Marlie!

We have since started playing women's volleyball, had dinner together and I babysat their cat while they were out of town. (She got a fishhook in her mouth the night before they left so we had vet/antibiotic drama! It was all good though and I was glad to do it!) Anyway, I totally love these guys and Brett and I have a blast hanging out with them. It's true. Marlie is AWESOME! ;)