Monday, February 21, 2011

the one about a beautiful sight

Is there anything more amazing and precious than seeing your child doing this?

And how about that beautiful vacuum??? That was my Christmas present and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Today was my day off, Quayd didn't have school and Brett was out of town, so we had a house cleaning party. I invited everyone I knew, but nobody came. Bummer. So Quayd and I worked our butts off! It is so nice though to be sitting in a clean house. I also put up my Spring decor.

A little early, I know, but I HAD to see something bright and cheery around here since Winter seems to be dragging on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on......... Maybe my cute decor will help melt the snow!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the one about the furry handcuffs

Yes, I have furry handcuffs. Don't judge me, I have a good explanation!!

Brett has this buddy that lives in Evanston. He is hilarious!!! His name is Jerimy and He and Brett think they are both the greatest things alive. They are very funny together and quite crude (if you can imagine that coming from Brett!) I tease them about being lovers, boyfriends and soul mates. Jerimy was in town on Tuesday and I told Brett I would fix dinner for them so they could hang out. I had plans for the evening so I wouldn't be home. Anyway, after work, I ran to the grocery store to grab a few things. As I walked to the checkout, I noticed a bin of Valentine's clearance stuff. I will admit, I was hoping to find Reece's peanut butter hearts. But I found one better!!!! You guessed it! Furry handcuffs!! And they were CHEAP!
I knew it would be so funny to give them to Brett and Jerimy with their dinner. I made them a lovely dinner and gave them the handcuffs. It was funny and everything worked out just as I had planned. The next day, Quayd and his cousin found the handcuffs and thought they were super cool. They started playing with them and had a great time. They were totally clueless as to why they were red and furry, they just thought it was cool to play Houdini and cops and robbers with the new handcuffs. We just went with it. It was harmless...... UNTIL.... Quayd started telling us how they have been playing FBI at recess and how cool it would be to take the handcuffs and lock up the bad guy. OH MY HECK!!! Can you imagine??? What would the faculty think of the little Lane boy locking up naughty kids with red furry handcuffs!?!?!?! We told him he couldn't take them and he just didn't understand why. He tried to sneak them in his backpack, but I stopped him. Geez.... That was a close one! I would have been the talk of the school all because of a $.50 gag gift!

So see, it was totally innocent. A blog post about furry handcuffs turned out to be totally different than you expected, right?
Trust me... If I wanted to do the handcuff thing, Brett still has a pair of REAL handcuffs from way back when he was in police academy. I wouldn't mess around with these cheap plastic ones! ;)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the one about nothing, really

I am so disgusted that it has been 5 months since I last blogged. It seems like the time just flew by and before I knew it I went from blog slacker to blog QUITTER. Everytime I would think about blogging, I would get overwhelmed at how far behind I was. Tonight, I talked myself out of my fit of anxiety, decided not to worry about playing catch up and just BLOG! This is my 352nd post! Isn't that crazy!?!

So much has been going on with us. First of all, my camera has been broken. So I pretty much have no memory of the last few months. I take pictures here and there on my Blackberry, (Or should I say CRAP-berry? I cannot WAIT for my new iPhone!!!)but there is such a delay on my phone and the pictures are usually awful so its just not worth it. However, I do have the CUTEST picture of our new puppy. His name is Moe. He is a Shih tzu and SO much fun! We now have two dogs and they seem to be the center of our lives! They are so much like our kids. Certainly as much work as a kid! But the love and companionship they give us is priceless! They are our babies and we love them so much. This is Finn.
We have had him for a little over a year. He turned 1 in September and we had a birthday party for him. We also celebrated the anniversary of the day we got him. It was called his "Special Day." We got Moe the day before Halloween and he is quite the character! He is kinda naughty, but so much fun. They love each other very much. Most of the time. :)

Ok, I am starting to creep myself out with all of the dog talk. New subject.

Last month I got to go to Dallas with my sister-in-law Danette and my nephew Brayden for market so we could get new stuff for the store. It was so much fun! I love going to market. It is so much work and total chaos, but I LOVE it!! I have the best job ever!

Quayd is getting smarter and funnier every single day. He totally keeps us on our toes with all of his crazy stuff! He loves country music. Not like new pop country, OLD classic country music. He is obsessed with it and cranks it up every chance he gets. His iPod is even loaded with old country music. He has decided he wants to learn to play the banjo. My Grandpa has been working all week getting ready for his first lesson tomorrow. We will see how that goes.

Ok. I think that is all for tonight. I don't want to have blog overload. This was a start. A really boring post, but it got me going again. I hope. I truly do love to blog.... I just can't seem to bablance my time well enough to do it. Hummmmmmmm..... something to work on.