Friday, February 29, 2008

the one about my moms foot, part 2

My dear old mom got her cast off the other day and I went over to see the damage. HOLY CRAP! This is what I saw....... It sorta took my breath away. Then she goes, "I kinda think it looks infected." I looked at her and said, "You think?"

It was super hairy and looked like she was shedding skin like a snake, because it had been in a cast for so long. I wanted to start picking it all off. You know I love that stuff! I told her that she needed to loofa that thing, so I went to Wal-Mart and bought her one.

I can't believe it. Ewwwwwwww. Can you see how big and swollen it is? Well I am sure some if that will go away, but not much. It is just big a scary looking. Forever. She has always had cute dainty little ankles and feet. Here is a picture of her bad foot beside her good foot. Sad huh.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

the one about scattergories

I got this fun email yesterday and thought I would post it. I want to sorta tag everyone who might like to try it. It was pretty fun. ENJOY!'s harder than it looks! Copy and paste into a new email. When you are done, send it on, including to the person who sent it to you. *Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...they have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial.
(WHICH BY THE WAY IS HARD IF YOU ALREADY READ THEIR ANSWERS) You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl . . . . . .

1.What is your name? Mandy

2. 4 letter word: Mist

3. Vehicle: Mazda Miata

4. City: Mahajanga Madascar (thats real! I googled it!)

5. Boy Name: Michael

6. Girl Name: Michaela, if Quayd were a girl, that is what he would have been named

7. Occupation: "M"urse (thats a male nurse, you know)

8. Celebrity: Marilyn Manson

9. Food: Malted Milk Balls

10. Something Found in a Bathroom: Mildew

11. Reason for Being Late: Mamogram

12. Cartoon Character: Mickey and Minnie Mouse

13. Something you shout: MILF!!!

14. Animal: monkey

15. Body part: mouth. I wanted to say "mamaries" but Shari didn't think anyone would know what that is. Do you know???

16. Word to describe you: Marvelous

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the one about some decent weather

Oh my heck! I am so excited! I went outside today in a t-shirt, capris and flipflops!! And I didn't even get cold. Infact, I did a super sucky project and I even enjoyed it because the weather was decent. I had to do a little work in the rabbit pen. It is a muddy, poopy, snowy discusting mess. It reaked like no other, but I got the old sick straw cleaned up and cleaned their food and water bowls. Like I said, SUPER SUCKY PROJECT, but enjoyable time thanks to the sunny warm weather. I think there is really a light at the end of the tunnel of this nasty cold winter.

We have 3 rabbits. One is Quayd's, (big black male; Tuffy) one is Brennen's (small white male; Shiney) and the other one is Brayden's (small black female; Digga). We got them last summer. There are two males and one female, and NO BABIES! Can you believe that? I can't.

the one about the picture frames

At school, where I work, we have a wall of pictures of all of the staff. It needed a total makeover. Jamie, Shari and I thought about it and tried to come up with a plan. Of course, the budget for this project was non-existent so we had to be real creative. The frames that were already there were just plain cheap wood. Possibly fake wood. And they just had ugly computer lables. So we decided to strip them, spray paint the "wood" barn red, and make some cute tags with the teachers and staff's names on them. This was our big project yesterday. It was fun! We had a great time. Jamie and I painted them, Shari sanded them down, I made the tags and Shari and I put them all together & hung them up. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.
this is the completed project. Pretty cute, huh.
These are Diedra, Shari, Megan and Lisa's photos on the wall.

Monday, February 25, 2008

the one about my mom's freaky wacked out foot

My poor Mom. She has had nothing but hell with her foot for several years now. She broke it awhile back but didn't realize it and didn't have insurance to go have it checked. She got arthritis and stuff in it, and to make a long story short, it eventually led to 3 ankle fusions, 2 toe fusions and 2 knee replacements, both right and left knee. (Yes, I realize she doesn't have 3 ankles, one ankle has had surgery to be fused 3 times.) As far as the toes go.... Um, sick. They put these terrible rods in her toes to straighten them out. She had her second toe done about a year or two ago, and her big beastie toe was fused last month when she had her third ankle fusion surgery. So get this.... her doctor sent her home with the X-Rays. You know you want to see them. There are several immages, but I chose my two favorites. This one is her messed up ankle that now has a metal plate and, what appears to be 10 screws. Sweet, huh. Now the next picture is a bit more creepy. It is an X-Ray of the toe fusion. K, when she had her toe fused a while back, they totally left that rod thing poking out the end. They cut it off and kind of bent it at the end so it wouldn't catch on stuff. Ummm, wrong-O! It actually created this hook that I am sure had some kind of magnetic force, because that thing hooked to EVERYTHING! She has this white afagan and she would get the dang thing caught in the yarn of it all the time. Ew. And she constantly had white hair from her dogs in it because the hook thing got caught in their tails. I was with her when she went to the Doctor in SLC to have the devil hook removed. We weren't quite sure how they removed it and we were both sorta nervous about it the whole trip out. Well, don't worry. There was no warning. They grabbed that sucker, cranked it around with pliers and jerked it out. Me, my mom and Quayd were just sitting there in shock. Then a wee drop of blood came out the end................ Like, I love gross stuff, but that was almost too much for me. Anyway, they didn't leave it hanging out this time.

My mom is in a cast right now for one more day. We hope. She goes out Wednesday and we think they will put her in a walking cast. She has been ripping and tearing at her cast so they will have to remove it for sure. That is her wishful thinking!

To my mom.... I am sorry mommy that you have had to endure so much with your freaky wacked out foot. You know I love you. I am sorry you got your feelings hurt last week.

To my readers.... As a clarification, on my 100 list, #167 "I have learned to be independent from my mommy." I meant that I am trying to be an independent woman and I have learned independence from my mom. I didn't mean that I feel like I don't need my mom anymore. My mom is a strong woman and one thing she always wanted me to learn is that I don't need someone else to make me happy. I control my own happiness. Therefore, I am trying to be independent. I have actually been hesitating if I should still blog or not. My last blog entry seems to have caused me much distress in my personal life and I have been wondering if it is worth it. I have decided that this is my blog. My journal, and I want to stick it out. Thank you to my faithful readers. I am sorry if the things I say upset you in any way.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the one about 100

I feel like I seldom have a minute to sit and blog anymore, and then when I do, I don't have anything interesting to say. But I saw this "100 Things About Me" thing on Kandice's blog, and decided I would give it a try. It might be boring for you to read, but I thought it would be fun for me to look back at in a year or so. But I also wanted to tell this fun thing that happened to Brett and I last night. Well a couple of weeks ago, I got a call from the Young Women's president in our ward. She asked if Brett and I would be willing to be on a panel of newlywed couples and answer questions that the Young Men and Young Women might have about marriage. I told her that we would be glad to, but that I didn't think nearly 10 years of marriage considered us newlywed's anymore! Anyway, we went and had so much fun! There were two other couples. The Bishop and his wife and the Meier's. It was a fun group and the kids were fun. They asked us some great questions and we had a great time. It was cool to see the different couples react to different situations. We had a great time. But, back to my 100 things. I want to just type "Quayd" 100 times because I love him more than ANYTHING and he is my whole life, but I also want to play along, so these are things 101-200....

101. I love the smell of Pine Sol.
102. I love the smell of markers.
103. I love the feeling of a fresh pedicure.
104. When I get a bloody nose, I tip my head back and let it run down my throat. (and I sorta like it!)
105. I love to hear kids and babies laugh.
106. I am super scared of electricity. I am afraid I will get electricuted even when I change a light bulb.
107. I love getting a new haircut.
108. I can't carry a tune, but I love to sing.
109. I love to scrapbook.
110. I love Diet Pepsi.
111. I want to be swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, RIGHT NOW!
112. I love the snow.
113. I love seafood.
114. I love smimming.
115. I go to Curves and exercise.
116. I don't really like flannel sheets.
117. I could eat popcorn for every single meal.
118. I love to make bread and rolls.
119. I love my Nephews. Brayden, Brennen, Beau'D, Kelby and Branson.
120. I love to read.
121. I don't have sisters, but I like to think that Brynn and Talia are mine.
122. I love Kandice's evil laugh. (it's true, there is a little bit of evil in there!)
123. I am a SLOW driver.
124. I have stinky feet.
125. When I come home, the first thing I remove is my bra.
126. I love chick-flicks.
127. I love getting my nails done.
128. I love camping, as long as I can shower every day.
129. I don't care to drive. I would rather be a passenger.
130. But I get carsick, so I need to ride shotgun.
131. I am a Libra, and although I don't really base my life around horoscopes, I definatley have the personality traits of a true Libra.
132. I like for others to be happy.
133. I HATE confrontation.
134. I hate socks and shoes, but...
135. I love flip-flops.
136. I want to go on another cruise SOSOSOSOSOSO bad.
137. I have a crush on Hugh Grant. I was watching the movie Notting Hill last night before bed, and I can't stop thinking about it. Such a good show!!!
138. I kinda have a crush on Julia Roberts too. (you gotta see Notting Hill, I'm telling you, it's so good!!!)
139. I love reality T.V.
141. I love being a girl.
142. I don't love my period.
143. I want a scooter so bad that my teeth hurt.
144. Speaking of teeth hurting, I don't really like the dentist.
145. I have a momma's boy, and I think it is amazing!
146. I have awesome grandparents, and so does Brett. We are crazy lucky in that department.
147. I am alittle OCD with numbers and letters.
148. I need to be a little bit more OCD with cleaning my house.
149. But I really love to organize, even though I suck at it.
150. I hate clutter!
151. I like working. My new job is awesome.
152. I like feeling needed.
153. I love to nurture.
154. I love children.
155. I love to cook!
156. I love to try new foods.
157. I love change. Isn't that weird? Most people hate it, but I really don't. I look forward to new things.
158. I have a lot to learn, and I think I could take lessons from my cool friends.
159. I wish I was cleaner and more organized, like Kandice.
160. I wish I was a better homemaker, like Holly.
161. I wish I loved to exercise more, like Janice.
162. I wish I were more laid back, like Gibler.
163. I wish I could stand up for myself, like Brett.
164. I wish I was a little tougher and didn't put up with crap, like Jamie.
165. I wish I had more Faith, love, trust and knowledge o fhte Gospel, like Hope.
166. I have terrible self-esteem.
167. I learned to be independent from my mommy.
168. I love Dove soap.
169. I also love Mary Kay products, but I don't want to sell it, so don't ask.
170. I love being married.
171. I love to blog.
172. I am definately a cat person.
173. My feet are a size 10.
174. My ring size is bigger than Brett's.
175. I needed to wear a bra since 4th grade, but I was in denial, so I didn't start wearing one until 5th. Looking back, I wish my mom would have forced the issue a little bit more. YUCK!
176. I saw a VW Toureg the other day, and I fell in love.
177. My favorite late night talk show host is Conan O'Brien.
178. I wish I would have taken piano lessons as a child.
179. I hate that my car is black. NEVER AGAIN!
180. I love starchy foods.
181. I also love ice cream,
182. and canned spinach!
183. I loved being pregnant.
184. I loved giving birth by C-section.
185. I am lazy, and I don't always buckle up.
186. I don't like to hunt, but Brett does. Fortunately, he isn't very lucky so I shouldn't have any trouble with number 187.
187. I hope I never have a stuffed animal head hanging on my wall.
188. I love purple stuff.
189. I have 3 tattoos(two of them are purple).
190. I think Quayd has the cutest little bottom in the whole world and I love to pinch it.
191. I suddenly love thin crust pizza.
192. I love oatmeal.
193. I love when we go camping with the Deets and I can eat Kathy's Cream of Wheat for breakfast. She makes the BEST Cream of Wheat EVER!
194. I love my "MIKA" CD. He is poplar now, but liked him before he was popular. I guess you could say I was "country before country was cool."
195. I love the musical "Wicked."
196. I hate to be startled.
197. I HATE spiders! I actually had a dream about black widows last night and I get the heebie-jeebies ust thinking about it.
198. I sorta have a crush on Donny Osmond.
199. I have the cutest little boy ever.
200. I am the luckiest woman in the world because I have a great husband, amazing son, cool family, wonderful in-law's, good friends, cute car and a house that is paid for.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

the one about Valentine's Day

So I totally love holidays. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. But oddly, I am not the Valentine's super fan. The first couple of years I was married, I was kind of disapointed that Brett didn't do something wonderful for me. I always did BIG stuff for him and didn't really get much (or anything) in return. It always caused a big fight and I ended up with a broken heart. I finally realized that I married Brett. I married him because I love him. I love so many things about him and he is such a good guy that I am not going to be bummed about the things he is "not." So I have been trying to be better about controling my fellings about this stuff. He does his best though, and occasionally, he surprises me. This Valentine's Day, I was definately surprised! Let me start from the beginning...

Brett is not romantic at all. Like, really. Not even a little bit. I was giving him a hard time about a week ago about how I do all of the cooking and then I do all of the dishes. I was telling him that it was about his turn. So he told me that he would cook for me on Valentine's Day. I kindly and lovingly told him no and my reason was, "I still have to clean up the kitchen and you make a WAY bigger mess than I do. It's easier to do it myself. But thanks for the offer." That was the end of it. So the other day he asked if I would like him to cook for me or go out for Valentine's. Well, if you have tried to eat out in our town lately, you will understand why I didn't want to go out. #1. There is no place good to eat. #2. The service SUCKS! He said he was cooking so I just let him take over and I haven't worried about it. I haven't asked or nagged about it, I just thought I would let him take over. My only request was that Quayd was with us. No Babysitter. He is my Valentine too, afterall. Of course, Brett felt the same way. We are all three kind of a package deal. So I talked to him this afternoon and he told me that he had the meat taken care of, so I offered to make a side and dessert. Well, I came home from work and I got so excited to surprise him with a fancy table setting. Of course, I set the table for three. I used a white table cloth, tons of candles, a picture of Brett and I from last Valentine's Day, a picture of the three of us, and our wedding cake top. I borrowed some beautiful red wine glasses from my mom and I filled them with Brett's favorite drink. Black Cherry Kool-Aid. I made some angel hair pasta, a green salad, and I bought chocolate dipped strawberries, another of his faves. I got so excited for him to come home and see my surprise. He was surprised, but just to prove how Non-Romantic he is, he was much more excited with his combination license that came in the mail today. Oh well. Anyway, the meat he had bought was King Crab Legs and Shrimp. MY FAVORITES!!!!! I never get to cook sea food at home because Brett hates it, so I was super excited. He likes some shell fish, so he was happy about the crab too. Well, typical us, we realized that we didn't have crab leg cracker thingies, so we had to make a quick run to Wal-Mart. We also needed to pick up the rest of Quayd's present. He has been freaking out for the movie "Snow Buddies," and it has been difficult to find. They had it tonight. Phewwwww. We also got him a new Uno set and a huge jawbreaker. Not too fancy. Well, just as we were getting ready to leave for the store, I noticed a gift on the table. He was grinning from ear to ear and he told me to open it. Well, it was small, jewelry shaped, and had a jewelry store sticker on it! I was SHOCKED!! This is so out of the ordinary for him. I opened it up and it was a white gold necklace chain. He got me a beautiful white gold and pearl necklace last Christmas (another HUGE shocker) and the chain was cheap and broke soon after. I had an old silver one I was using, but it didn't look as nice. So I was thrilled, shocked and I felt like I was going to throw up. Anyway, dinner was great. Quayd hates seafood, so he had a hot dog, but our shrimp and crab were wonderful. Strawberries; wonderful. Black Cherry Kool-Aid; wonderful. Pasta; wonderful. Salad; didn't touch it, we got to full on other things and didn't want to waste valuable stomach space for healthy stuff. So after a great dinner, we all cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher and played Uno. Quayd LOVES the game Uno. He has the little kids simple Curious George version, but he is so good at playing, we thought he was ready for the grown-up version. He was pretty impressed that the box said it was for ages 7 and up, and he is only 5 and did great. It was fun. Then Quayd and I made a bed on the living room floor, Brett relaxed in his recliner and we watched Survivor and last night's Big Brother that we missed. We were in bed before 10:00 PM. Quayd went right to sleep. Brett and I went to sleep a little later. (wink, wink) Actually, Brett is asleep now and I am blogging, but whatever. It was a great day. I can't think of another way I would rather spend it than with the two most important men in my life.

Let me back up a little bit and tell about the earlier half of my day. I was able to help in Quayd's class for his Valentine's Party. It was fun. He requested that I come up with a Valentine Bowling game. It was tricky, but I figured it out, and it was lots of fun. The kids loved it. They also played Bingo and made sugar cookies. After school/work, Quayd and I went to lunch at Arby's and I went and had my nails filled in. Don't worry. NO BLUE HEARTS! I have decided to stay away from the airbrush table for awhile.

Well, I would like to close my blog today by telling ten things I love about both of my Valentines.

1. He is so funny! He is totally different around me at home that he is around everyone else. He is just so silly.
2. He teases me constantly. Most of the time I love it!!
3. He is great at BBQ'ing.
4. He acts well under pressure. When ever something major happens, he knows just what to do.
5. This one would be on the list of 10 things I hate about him too, but... He knows EVERYTHING! Most of the time it drives me nuts, but sometimes it comes in handy.
6. He really lets me do whatever I want. He doesn't try to control me or anything. He never complains when I want to have a girl's night or go scrappin' late or something.
7. He respects me.
8. He trusts me.
9. HE LOVES ME!!! He loves me no matter what I look like, how much I weigh, how stinky my farts are, how bad my morning breath is, how scary my hair looks in the morning, how grouchy I am, how silly I am, how PMS-ey I am, how quirky I am, how slow I drive, how big my feet are, how cold my butt is when I get in bed, how dirty my car is, how much diet pepsi I drink, he just loves me for me. Isn't that awesome?
10. He is a dork. REALLY! and I LOVE that about him. It makes me laugh. He forgets things all of the time and I just love it! It bugs the crap out of me, but I LOVE it.

1. He is so sweet.
2. He is so good!!!
3. He is funnier than anything in the world! I constantly laugh at him.
4. He is smart and reminds me all the time about the things I should and should not be doing. We ofter refer to him as Jiminy Cricket.
5. He is my one and only! I witnessed so many miracles when he came into this world, and I will treasure those experiences forever. I feel like he has seen me in my very darkest moments and my very best moments. I don't really believe in soul mates, but if there were soul mates, Quayd would be mine. We just get each other.
6. He loves Chinese food and going to the movies!!! (Brett doesn't, so we sneak out and have "dates" sometimes. I love it.
7. He is a Momma's boy. Is there anything better in the whole world than a Momma's Boy?
8. He is kind and caring. He doesn't see race, disabilities, or imperfections.
9. He has 3 nipples. I know. It's weird, but I love it. It's so cute.
10. He has the best kisses in the whole world, and when he wraps his arms around my neck, kisses me and tells me he loves me, my heart just melts.

Wow. That was really hard. Hard because it was tough to narrow it down to 10 for each of them. These are the men that love me, protect me, put me on a pedastal, treasure me, and trust me to take care of them. Being a wife and mom is the best job ever and I am so glad that I get to spend forever with these two awesome guys. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the one about the working world

So, I know I told you all that I got a new job, but I didn't really get to tell you what it is. Mostly because I wasn't quite sure myself. I will be working with the "Gifted and Talented" students at my school. It is a new program, and from what I understand, it is sort of a test. It may be here next year, it may not. It will all depend on the success of the program. I am totally starting from scratch. We have purchased this new software and nobody knows exactly what it is. So I am spending the next week or so figuring it out and then I will create class lists and start having students come in and work on the program. It is going to be so much fun. I work the same hours that Quayd is in school. I start at 9:15 like him, and we get out at 12:15. Then we usually have school lunch together and go home. It is the perfect schedule, and whenever he needs me, I am just down the hall.

I am super excited for this new chapter in my life. When Quayd started school, I just felt a little empty. I have dedicated the last 5 years to him. I have sacrificed things that all new moms do. I don't regret it and I would do it all over again, but as he started to gain some independence, I felt like it was time for me to do something for myself. And since I can't have anymore babies, maybe I could do something for the kids at my school. I have been subbing for the last few months, so I feel like the kids already know me. I have worked in the library, computer lab, several classrooms and even the front office. I walk down the hall and all of the kids say "Hi Mrs. Lane!" I love it. I also see them around town and they are so excited to see me. I am just as excited to see them! Some of them come and give me a big hug, and that means the world to me. Yesterday, when I walked in the office to start my first day as an official employee, Holly's daughter, Alison was in the office on the phone crying to her mom. When she saw me, she got off the phone and came right to me crying and just wrapped her arms around me. I took her in the sick room and sat down with her. She had twisted her ankle. The principal and I got her an ice pack and I sat with her for a minute. She calmed down and eventually went back to class. I was so excited to be able to help her. I want the kids to see me as a comforter and nurturer. I love them all so much!!!!

Becoming a working woman has taken up a lot of my free time, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make. All of my friends still have babies and little ones running around and I don't. I am in a new phase of my life. During the school year, I won't have a need to take Quayd and a lunch to the park. We won't be doing the library story time thing anymore. Anyway, it has been a hard transition, but a worthwile one. I hope everyone can see why I have taken this plunge into the working world. I don't get to do as many of the fun things anymore, but now I get to do more fun things with Quayd. I get to see him in a setting that most people don't get to see their children in.

Well, that was a boring blog. Sorry. Thanks for sticking with me through it. I just needed to get my feelings out in the open! Love you all!!!

p.s. If any of you reading this have kids in my school and are interested in having your kids in this program, let me know. And more importantly, let your child's teacher know. It is Parent Teacher Conferences this week, so talk to your teacher about it.

Friday, February 8, 2008

the one about more earwax

I am so excited! I have recruited several members of my family to do the earwax candles! I was super anxious to get in my Grandpa's ears, and it really didn't take too much coaxing. He didn't have nearly as much good stuff as I had hoped, though. Then Brayden and Brennen were both up for the challenge, and I still had to do Quayd's other ear. Then my Grandma had to get in on the action. After we had our festivities at Ga and Pop's house, I headed to Brandon and Danette's. Here is some of the crap I got out of everyone's ears. Cool huh? Brayden is so much like me, it is scary. He was totally getting into it too! He is so cool! By the way, Steph, you can totally tell a difference. I feel like a new, clean woman. Seriously. I took a Q-tip to my ears right after and got a few more chunks that didn't make it inot the candle. Stephanie, and anyone else, if you do it, you gotta tell me all about it!!!

the one about earwax

Today, my heart is full as I explain the complete-ness I have found. I have found peace in my life and now I feel like I can tackle anything that comes my way. I now understand how the pioneers must have felt when they finally came over the mountain and discovered Zion. Or how the 49'ers felt when they struck gold. Even Jed Clampett when he was out shootin' fer some food, and up from the ground came a bubblin' crude. Well, my friends, I have discovered a little gold for my self. EARWAX CANDLES!

I have heard of these things before, but I have never seen or used them. Well the other night, Brett needed to go over to the Olsen's house and I decided to go with him. Alison had one of these babies in her ear and I could hardly contain myself. When it was finished burning and Holly pulled it out, I couldn't believe my eyes. You would not believe the crap that came out of there. Well, I knew I had to get some for myself and stick them in all of our ears. All six of 'em. So yesterday I drove my butt down to the health food store and bought 5 packages of 2. I knew Gibler would go crazy for them, so I took her a Dr. Pepper, a donut and the candles at her new job. I think she was excited! Anyway, the second I got home I had one burning in my right ear. I didn't get a ton of stuff because I am freaky about having clean ears. I Q-tip all of the time. But I was surprised to see what I did get. Wanna see? You know you do. Cool, huh! After I did mine, I couldn't wait to get Quayd going. This is what came out of his cute little ears. Ok, now I am going to show you something that grossed even me out. This is what we got out of Brett's ears. So nasty.... I was shocked and I even threw up in my mouth a little. But I still liked it.

So I highly recommnd these to EVERYONE! But the only thing I request is that you let me see what you got out of your ears. I know that is gross, but I can't help myself.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the one about all of this SNOW!

I can't believe all of the snow we have had. It is just crazy. I don't remember ever having a winter like this one. When I was a Sophomore or Junior in High School, it snowed pretty bad one day and they closed school, but it all melted right away. It was nothing like this. I love it though, most of the time. It usually doesn't bother me one bit. I usually don't mind the cold, or the crunch under my feet, or even the frozen snot, but I am starting to get a little sick of it. I love it when it is actually snowing, but I hate the ugly brown dirty stuff. According to the groundhog, there is still 6 more weeks of it so I better get used to it.

Speaking of getting used to it, my sweet son LOVES everything about the winter. He wants to play in it every minute. On sunday, after Church, he and Brennen went outside to play. Brett and I were inside and we could hear a giggle out our front door. We peeked outside and saw these two crazy boys making a sledding ramp out of my front steps. They packed snow on all of the steps to make it a smoother ride. They did this for a long time. I could see that my brother was using his 4-wheeler to plow snow into a huge pile in the back yard, so I suggested to the boys to go out there and they would have a bigger hill. On the way back there, they noticed the big stairs going to the new deck and Brandon and Danette's house. The just couldn't resist, so they started sledding on them. They are about twice and steep as mine and there are about twice as many steps! They were so funny! Brett, Brandon, Brayden and I got such a kick out of them. Well, Brayden decided he wanted to play, so they all headed out to the big hill in the back. Brayden would use the tube to make the ramp, then the little boys would take turns going down. One time, Brayd was on the very top of the hill trying to get his tube situated, then he suddenly fell backwards and fell about 3 feet down into the fresh powder. It was so funny!!! They had such a great time. They stayed out there for hours until the dark finally forced them to come inside. Then they were ready for hot chocolate!

I was just so surprised at how clever they were and how they came up with all of the ideas for their new ramps. Boys are so funny!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

the one about getting tagged

I got tagged. Thanks Janice. Actually, it is a good thing for today because I am in the mood to blog, but I don't have anything to say. So now I will tag.... Hope, Emily, Alison, Kristin, Ramanda and, my new favortie blogger...... TAYLOR!

So here goes....

Two Names You've Gone By: 1. Mandy 2. I really don't have nicknames, except from my awesome Grandpa and it is Manny-Panny

Things You Are Wearing Right Now: 1. My ugly robe that I love more than almost anything 2. underware

Two things you Want (or have) in a Relationship: 1. Trust 2. never-ending love (some others that I have and feel like I can't live without are laughter, fun, adventure, common interests, and sex)

Two of Your Favorite Things to do: 1. spend time with Brett and Quayd 2. Read

Two things you did last night: 1.Took a nap 2. then woke up, ate popcorn and Diet Pepsi, then went back to sleep.

Two people you Last Talked To: 1. Quayd 2. Brennen

Two things You're doing tomorrow: 1. Going to Church 2. Laundry

Two Longest Car Rides: 1. Vernal to Vegas 2. Vernal to Disneyland

Two Favorite Holidays: 1. Christmas 2. Halloween

Two Favorite Drinks: Diet Pepsi and Ice water

Two Things About Me you may not have known: 1. I was in a community play (I think it was Pinocchio) and I played a Baby Doll. I was 5 2. I have seen Matthew Broderick on Broadway. (Both of those things I did with my uncle Kim, whom I am still awaiting a photo)

Two jobs I have had in my life: 1. Hostess 2. Travel Agent

Two Movies I would watch over and over: 1. Enchanted 2. Sweet Home Alabama

Two Favorite Foods: 1. Ice Cream 2. Popcorn

Two places I'd rather be right now: 1. On another cruise with Brett and Quayd 2. Anywhere warm