Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the one about our cute moms

My mom, Julie and Brett's mom Gleneita just had their class reunion. I have to share these pictures because they are so cute!! Gleneita was SO nervous, so she had to come down to my house so I could reassure her she didn't look like the "class hooker." (her words, not mine!) And my mom needed my help getting into her "slimming apparatus," as she called it. They were both so cute and looked so BEAUTIFUL! Brett and I wiped a tear as we sent our girls out for a fun night with their old friends. (Not really, but we kinda felt that way!!)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

the one about the fair

We LOVE the County Fair! We look forward to it all year. We love the concerts, the exhibits, the food, and of course the CARNIVAL!
It seemed like our family was at the fair the whole week this year! I am a 4H leader so I was asked to take a few shifts working "security" for the indoor home, arts & crafts exhibits. Brett helped with the fireman's challenge and there were just so many fun things happening so Quayd wanted to be there every minute. He visited the little red barn, participated in the candy drop and played at the carnival nearly every day. He also worked very hard this year and made some projects for the 4H exhibit. He is not an official 4H member until he goes into the third grade (in 4 more days) or turns 8 (in 9 days) so he wasn't able to compete or place for state judging this year, but he earned rainbow "Cloverbud" ribbons for all of his projects.

On Saturday, before the demolition derby, my mom and I took Brayden, Brennen and Quayd to the carnival. We all had so much fun! I started not feeling well after a couple of hours, so I had to leave a little early, but not before getting some great pictures!!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

he did it AGAIN!!!

Remember the helpful household tip??? Pine Sol in the swamp cooler?

Well, Brett did it again. Only MUCH WORSE this time. He came home for lunch the other day and I asked him to do the Pine Sol trick. I had done it the last time but I am just a little too short and when I dumped the capful, more ran down my armpit that actually went into the cooler. I reminded him, "just a capful!" Quayd and Brennen were in the living room playing Wii so Brett and I went to my bedroom to watch the noon news. After a few minutes, the boys came in and told us that they were getting all wet. Brett just ignored them. They came in a few seconds later and said the floor was all slippery. I told Brett to get his butt out there and see what was going on. Well no joke... we had 1/2" standing water on our living room floor! The couches were saturated and soapy and the power strip that has all of the tv cords was SOAKED! It shorted out and sparked and we lost power to that outlet. The living room smelled like a forest fire!

I was trying so hard not to be mad... BUT SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Twice? Come on, Brett!

Monday, August 16, 2010

the one about my super fun girls weekend

My friend Cara was invited by some friends and I was invited by Cara to attend the first annual wine tasting girls weekend in Palisade, Colorado. Cara and I rode out together. We left Saturday morning and arrived in Palisade, met up with the other 6 girls and had lunch. We hired a limo to drive us around to different vineyards and winery's. It picked us up at the hotel at 1:00. Natalie, Nan, Jeanine, Cara, me, Jen, Amber and Kim

We were able to taste, shop and tour several winery's and a brewery. It was a 4 hour tour.... a 4 hour tour. (Get it? Gilligan's island, hahaha!)
Anyway, the tour was really cool and we had a great time! We stayed at the Wine Country Inn. It was SO nice! Cara and I shared a room and it was beautiful!
We had dinner at a cute little pizza shop then everyone wanted to swim. I was so tired, so I hung out in the room that night. I hate it! I wanted to play with the girls, but I also have to respect my body. When it says slow down... I gotta listen. Anyway, we slept like LOGS that night. I guess having a bed to ourselves with no interruptions is just what we both needed! We woke up Sunday morning and first thing, took care of the most important thing you have to do in Grand Jct./Palisade this time of year.... PEACHES!! We each bought a big box of fresh peaches. YUMMY!!! After that, we headed to the mall and got school clothes. I can't believe school starts NEXT WEEK! And I really can't believe my baby will be 8 in two weeks!!!! Summer has just flown by. It seems like school just barely got out for the summer, and here I am, getting Quayd ready for 3rd grade. Anyway this girls weekend was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer. Thanks girls for the invite, and I can't wait til next year!!