Friday, April 15, 2011

all about things I like

My pick of the week this week is my latest favorite treat... 9 grain toast with homemade strawberry freezer jam. Oh my yummy!! I am part of a food co-op group called Bountiful Baskets. Every Saturday I get a huge basket full of fresh fruits and veggies. Last Saturday I ordered lots of extra strawberries so I could make my sister-in-law Danette's Birthday cake. She loves strawberry shortcake. I ended up with WAY more strawberries than I needed. I hated to waste them, so I made freezer jam. The best way to eat yummy strawberry jam is on yummy 9 Grain toast! I get my delicious bread from my food co-op group also. It is the best bread in the whole wide world!!!! All three of us love it! I have never been able to get Quayd to eat wheat bread until now. It makes scrumptious BLT's, grilled cheese sandwiches and turkey sandwiches. It is also delicious when dipped in the yolk of a fried egg, over-medium. Yummy yum yum. :) Photobucket

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